Business-driven SAP Project Management


Within an enterprise, the business organisation is most likely the driver for an SAP implementation and renovation initiative. Often a business representative will take the project management role and will be in charge for the overall success of the initiative.


In many cases an internal or external IT service provider or consulting company is going to deliver the functional and technical SAP Solution.


However, the business project manager might not be experienced enough with SAP project work to take full control of the deliverables created by the other parties.


axerIT offers a coaching model for SAP project managers.


Depending on the level of experience of the customer's business project manager coaching can vary from a part time to a full time engagement during project phases or the whole project.


Coaching can include SAP specific project setup, second opinion about schedule and cost estimates, completeness of work breakdown structure, and techniques to track progress as well as quality of deliverables.

Other coaching content can be the pragmatic use of tools like MS Project or SAP Solution Manager.


In some cases the axerIT advisor takes the offical role as project quality manager.


References are available upon request.


References include job assigmnents in industry segments like consumer packaged goods, retail, process industry, manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, and telecommunication.

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